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We are a 501c3 animal rescue organization that primarily rescues dogs from the DFW area ‘kill’ shelters,along with taking in dogs from puppy mill raids and accepting breeder releases. We have a passion for rehabilitating the animals in our care,both physically and emotionally,and then finding them their perfect forever homes. Our rescue group cares for dogs in individual foster homes,as well as at our dog sanctuary.

We are always looking for more volunteers and foster homes to help with our mission of saving as many dogs as possible. Please look around on our website at the dogs and cats that are available for adoption,a few of the ‘happy tail’ stories,volunteer/foster opportunities,ways to help the rescue group in the form of product or monetary donations and shopping opportunities where certain Retailers pay us commissions for goods purchased by launching from our website. Please contact us with any feedback or questions and thank you in advance for your support of our community’s rescue animals!

Call for donation (closed) –Princess Cutie

Princess Cutie is a cocker spaniel female puppy mill rescue. At the time she was taken in by A Different Breed Animal Rescue in 2013,she was approximately 3 years old and weighed barely 15 lbs. Within a week she gave birth to puppies in a very complicated procedure that resulted in the still birth of two puppies and subsequent surgeries for Princess Cutie. ADB has managed to find a suitable foster parent,that has done miracles with Princess Cutie and has cared for her extensively. Unfortunately,at the present time she has developed an ear condition that is very painful and has resisted all treatments given to her this past year. She needs an ear operation to restore her health and the cost of such surgery is $3,200.

Our organization cannot afford this at the present time,and the foster parent would like desperately to provide this operation,but is also unable to pay for it.
We are attaching recent photos of Princess Cutie,and rely on your kindness to make this operation happen.
We would be thankful for any contribution to be marked “For Princess Cutie”and sent to either our PayPal Account or by mail to:

A Different Breed Animal Rescue
11700 Preston Rd #660,PMB 335
Dallas,TX 75230


UPDATE (October 2016):

With our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Jacob Worthington and the wonderful staff at Alma Animal Clinic for the outstanding care provided to our Princess Cutie.  She is home now and resting,getting her strength back for the operation on her other ear.

Thank you also to my friends and clients for their contributions to A Different Breed Animal Rescue that have made this procedure possible and also my gratitude to Fireplug Groomers for all their collection efforts.


UPDATE (November 2016):

We are so pleased to report on the steady progress that Princess Cutie is showing,after the removal of the tumor in her right ear.  It is like receiving a new lease on life.
Now we are faced with the operation of her left ear,to complete the necessary steps for her cure.  At present,she still has great pain and discomfort and we are looking to ease her suffering by performing this final procedure.  Unfortunately,this operation is not cheap,and we depend on your generous donations to make this happen.  In this season of giving,please give a little to this wonderful dog that has suffered so much already!
Your valuable contributions can be sent to
A Different Breed Animal Rescue
11700 Preston Road –Set 660
Dallas,TX 75230
or the PayPal account that you can access from this page.
Thank you for your generosity!

UPDATE (July 2017):

A Different Breed Animal Rescue is happy to be able to share the news and after surgery pictures of Princess Cutie,who has endured a long year of medical treatments,beginning with her operation in October 2016,to remove a tumor in her right ear,and then finally on June 22,2017,the removal of the tumor from her left ear. It has been a long journey but as you can see she is recovering rapidly and will have a great quality of life.
We want to thank all the people that have contributed to make these operations possible,starting with the The Alma Animal Hospital and Dr Jacob Worthington and all the individuals that have given money and time to make this happen.


Following the major damage caused by a storm to A Different Breed Animal Rescue facilities,we want to extend our thanks to Petland Plano,1301 Custer Road,Plano,Tel. 972-801-9300. They have agreed to board 20 of the ADB dogs while reconstruction to our facilities is ongoing. Anyone interested in adopting any of them can visit them at the address above. They also need help with walking the dogs.



Our sincere thanks to the Pooch Hotel and its personnel for boarding the A Different Breed Animal Rescue dogs. We could not do it without them! Thank you so much!



A Different Breed organization’s role in the rescue of Spirit

Dinesha Schmidt and I went out on a call to help take some puppies from a man overrun with animals out Caddo Mills/Greenville area. A concerned neighbor had made the request.  The whole neighborhood of trailer homes were overrun with loose dogs and animals everywhere.  We took in 7 outdoor dogs,Great Pyrenees/Shepherd/Aussie mix pups about 7 weeks old.  We also took in 5 puppies he had indoors.  They are a mix of spaniel/dachshund about 5 weeks old.  He would not release the mothers,but promised he was going to get them spayed.  Said he had over 100 puppies last year! He also had a couple of horses,and one out front was tied to a tree and covered in blood.  The dogs were licking it off her legs. He said she had been spooked by something,and reared up and came down on a metal stake.  It went thru her chest and out the side of her neck. We went and looked at that poor miserable horse,and she had a hole in her chest you could put your fist into! It wasn’t much better in her neck.  She had no food or water within reach.  The owner was a 73 year old disabled vet,with no money,no car,etc. etc.  He said he called and vets wanted $300 just to come out there to look at the horse and he could not afford that.  Said he called around but no one would help him.  We asked if we could try,but if someone came to help,they would want the horse released to them,and he said he would let her go.  He can’t afford her anymore anyway.  We took several pictures of the horse and her wounds and left. By the time we got home it was already about 7:30 PM.  We emailed our pictures,posted on Facebook,and started calling rescues in the morning.  The first one we called was “Beckys Hope Horse Rescue”in Frisco.  They were AMAZING! They were out there within 2 hours and by the time they got there the horse was down on her knees with her head on the grass in shock and dying.  They immediately took her to the vet and got to work on her!  Thankfully,she is going to pull thru,but she would not have made it thru the day. She is a beautiful 2 year old Arabian/Quarter horse filly. They named her “Spirit”.  I am thankful for all the animal lovers and rescues who work together to save ANY animal from suffering,but am very happy to add a HORSE to our list of saves for 2015! Joni McConnell