A Different Breed receives no financial assistance from government or animal rescue programs. We rely solely on generous donations from people like you. The funds that we receive go directly towards our rescue efforts and help us pay for things like spaying/neutering and medical expenses for our animals. To make a tax deductible donation*,please click here to be directed to our Pay Pal account.

*We are a 501.c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program

Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program

Here’s a great way to help ADB at no cost to you!! Please print the attached form and take it to the Customer Service Counter so that 1% of your grocery bill benefits the rescue dogs of ADB. As a group,we can make a huge difference for the dogs in need!!

Please consider A Different Breed Animal Rescue when you make a pledge to United Way:

With the economy,the last 2-3 years have been extremely rough for pets. People are dumping them right and left because they are cutting back or have lost their jobs. They are not giving them the vet care or heartworm medicine they need. I can’t tell you how many heartworm positive dogs we have gotten this year,or dogs turned in simply because their owners couldn’t pay the vet bill.! We are an all-volunteer organization and have over 85 dogs we are taking care of. Dallas Animal SammyServices alone puts down between 500-600 pets A WEEK! Please help us save them. I picked up 4 dogs yesterday at Garland Animal Shelter. The one below was a stray no one claimed and was scheduled to be put to sleep this morning. His 3 days were up,and he was horribly matted,covered in fleas and had a skin infection. His first stop was at the vet’s for exam/shots/heartworm tests. With our discount,that was $85. But he has a skin infection,ear infection and tested positive for heartworms! He also needs to be neutered. Our adoption fees are $200,and the cost to save him will run around $400-$500. See where I am going here? I need your help!

Good news-he will be adopted easily once he has gone thru his treatments. “Sammy”is now at the groomers getting shaved down so he can grow a beautiful new coat.

Thank you for reading this;hope you will pass it around and PLEASE CONSIDER “A DIFFERENT BREED ANIMAL RESCUE”when you complete your United Way donation form—even $10 a month will make a big difference!!!!