Happy Tails


I wanted to tell you guys how Walter (formally known as Mr. T) was doing. We couldn’t ask for a better dog! He was a little bit nervous at first,but after a good week of warming up to us,he was totally adjusted. He’s the biggest love-bug and always wants to cuddle or lay on […] . . . →Read More:Walter


HI! My name is LunaMae. And I’m a LUVaholic. I luv my ChewBro I luv my humans I luv begging I luv food I luv treats I luv walks I luv rain I luv sunshine I luv having a home I luv sleeping on the […] . . . →Read More:LunaMae


Tennessee (now Riley!) is adjusting very well –we love him so much!  He was scared at first to leave the house.  He spent the first week inside or in the back yard,but would never leave the front porch.  He’s finally comfortable,but still a little skittish on walks and he’s scared of cars,[…] . . . →Read More:Riley


I can hardly believe it’s only been 6 weeks,but she’s settled in wonderfully! First of all,we decided to change her name from Lola to Roxie. She just seemed to need a sparky name. J The first couple of weeks were bumpy because she was so nervous. She took pretty well to me,but […] . . . →Read More:Roxie


I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Mr. Sprout (now named Keisel) is doing amazing. He is still a little timid in situations but is warming up so nicely. His personality is really showing. He is getting used to a leash on walks and is a big cuddler. Thank […] . . . →Read More:Keisel


We are Toby’s new parents! We adopted Toby about four months ago and he has turned out to be a joy for us. We are empty nester’s now,but Toby has become our new baby boy. At first,he was afraid of his surroundings a tad and was not sure where his bathroom was –[…] . . . →Read More:Toby


Here are some updated pictures of our sweet Schmancy. We picked her up early March. When we brought her home she immediately bonded with me and her sister Charlie. It took her a minute to trust her dad. Because he is Charlie’s favorite,I was secretly happy to have a child who favored me more. […] . . . →Read More:Schmancy


 Max,aka Frosty,enjoyed his second trip to the groomer today!  Marcie and him went and stayed together,even in the kennel,like last time…he was not liking the dermal tool on his nails.  This time we decided to get a true Westie cut …we left it longer in the summer…the vet was concerned about […] . . . →Read More:Frosty


“Madonna”,now Willow.  She cleans up really nice and she is doing much better.  She is still a little shy about some things,but very playful and with a fun personality. . . . →Read More:Willow


Penny is doing wonderfully. She’s lost all her extra weight and is in confidence building class to help her with her anxiety issues. She is such a sweet,sweet darling dog. Whenever one of us comes home,she wiggles her butt so hard that sometimes she falls over because she’s thrown off balance. She has […] . . . →Read More:Penny


He is such a love! He is sleeping on my lap in his bed as I type this….Best work from home day ever 🙂 Wanted to thank you again for everything. The packet with medical info,tips etc is wonderful. What a wonderful pup! We are seeing more of his personality (his funny singing bark,curiousity about […] . . . →Read More:Rowdy


Cowgirl is now Coco,and she is adjusting very well to her new life.  She’s a laid back girl,until she’s not!  She can walk in her pretty purple harness like there’s no tomorrow,and she sleeps wherever she pleases.  Shyness was her prevailing disposition,but in a short time,Coco is becoming quite the […] . . . →Read More:Coco


Moonshine’s favorite toy . . . →Read More:Moonshine


“Bo”has not gotten very spoiled…This is how he chooses to sleep. . . . →Read More:Bo


Aster is settling in wonderfully. She spent the first two days sleeping but is now showing us that she wants to relive her puppy stage. She is an absolute goof. She is already housebroken and crate training has gone well. Someone spoiled this girl rotten before she went out on her own. She is so sweet […] . . . →Read More:Aster


Pooped . . . →Read More:Pooped

Shanti / Muffy

 Shanti (now goes by the name of “Muffy”) wants to thank her rescue mother for her care and letting us adopt her.  Aside from losing 12 teeth,she is in excellent health according to Dr. Ford,her new vet.  She is so happy in her new home and has a large yard to chase birds,[…] . . . →Read More:Shanti / Muffy


Danny is doing great! He was a little nervous at first,but has settled right into our routine. Our boys adore him and he fits right in! I would have sent a pic sooner,but he is a bit camera-shy. Whenever I get close enough for a picture he thinks I am coming to give […] . . . →Read More:Danny


Petie and Brun Just wanted to check in with you and let you know that Petie’s doing great with us. He has become great friends with our other dog,Brun. We had a party over the weekend with 10 kids under the age of 8 and every single one of them played with Petie. Petie loved […] . . . →Read More:Petie


Bentley has found a very happy new home playing with his new owner –and getting along with all –maybe with the exception of the cat,that just tolerates him!     . . . →Read More:Bentley

From rescue to service

From rescue to service . . . →Read More:From rescue to service


Our Sweet Trooper ** Update –The funds were raised for Troopers surgery which he had on Tuesday April 3 and he is doing great.  We have to thank the wonderful staff at Main Street Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Chris Carter for donationg 50% of the surgery cost to us and for taking such good care of […] . . . →Read More:Trooper


Hi David and Dinesha,Tessca and I have been together for 2 weeks and it is going fantastic!  She and I are getting familiar with one another and it seems like she is adjusting well.  Turns out,she is a very mischievous little girl and if she can get her mouth on anything,she’ll eat it!  […] . . . →Read More:Tessca


A little less than a year ago my husband and I adopted a (mostly) shih tzu from yall. At the time his name was Bluff. We changed it to Boomer. We cannot thank you enough for providing him to our family! The entire process,from adopting him to living with him was great. We have another dog […] . . . →Read More:Boomer


We just wanted to thank you for taking care of our Lilly until we could adopt her. She has only been here a few days and she is right at home. She is such a love bug,she never wants to leave our laps. Only a few days and we already love her. Thank you Darcell and […] . . . →Read More:Lilly


 Hi,here is a pic of Wuppie the Chinese Crested I adopted. She is a doll,in her new bed. . . . →Read More:Wuppie


Francine came from a puppy mill where she was kept in a crate and used for breeding. When adb got her even on the floor all she did was run in circles.Adb kept her for several months to adjust and socialize;recently she was adopted and look at her now! A fashion diva! Francine . . . →Read More:Francine


This is Scrappy in his new home.  Scrappy came from a breeder and was just as feral as they come.  He would bite anyone.  We had to put signs on his crate not to put fingers or hands inside.  But,he loved his girlfriend Jordan,a white  Chinese powderpuff.  And he loved volunteer Jordan.  She […] . . . →Read More:Scrappy


Doc Just wanted to give you an update on Doc.  We just love him so much.  He brings so much laughter and happiness to our home.  Our “pack”loves him.  He gets daily walks and teeth brushing and lots of affection. . . . →Read More:Doc


Remember Sammy from last summer? Bichon mix. We just took him to the vet for his shots and they did a heartworm test and he is negative. He was positive when you had him but mild,so the preventive did the trick. Just wanted to let you know he’s doing great […] . . . →Read More:Sammy

Lola Belle

This is Lola Belle (formerly known as Denison) and our other baby Chester. I adopted Lola from y’all about 3 weeks ago. She is such a great addition to our family and we love her so much! She is a very happy girl and I think she loves her new home! Thank you,not only […] . . . →Read More:Lola Belle


Hello,just wanted to let you know Sassie is doing great. She is the sweetest and best tempered dog. A good watchdog too. Sadie(my other dog) and Sassie romp and play together all day long. They also sleep side by side at times. It is so cute! They have a great friendship. Here are a […] . . . →Read More:Sassy


Duke was adopted out from A Different Breed when he was just a puppy,but was returned after a few months because he had too much energy for his first family (of course we LOVE his happy energy!) Catahoula hounds have historically been used as a working dog (herding cattle,tracking,hunting,etc) so it […] . . . →Read More:Duke


Rookie came to A Different Breed about a year ago from a puppy mill that had closed its doors. He was so scared he would huddle in the corner of his crate and we had a hard time even getting him to come out. During his second week with ADB,he jumped off a chair […] . . . →Read More:Rookie


Tinkerbelle came to A Different Breed from the Marshall Animal Shelter. We think she probably came from a puppy mill. She was very malnourished;just skin and bones and her fur was completely matted. We discovered that she had such a bad infection in her mouth she had to have surgery to have much of […] . . . →Read More:Tinkerbelle


Daisy was picked up by A Different Breed at an animal shelter,and tested positive for heartworms. A wonderful family in Oklahoma found out about Daisy and they knew right away that she was the dog for them. One of our ADB volunteers took her in as a foster until her new family could make the […] . . . →Read More:Daisy