Remember Me Jewelry

Every few seconds a tragedy occurs in the US,because every few seconds an innocent pet is euthanized in our Nation’s shelters.

Playful puppies and tumbling kittens;eager adolescents and stately seniors;dogs and cats of all ages and breeds;each and every one of them forced to relinquish the life which they have been given. And for what reason?

Simply because they had no home.

They have come and gone. Their names and faces are now forgotten – and all that remains of each is a tag and a number,a number that cries out REMEMBER ME.

These tags,which have been donated to A Different Breed by North Texas shelters,are being transformed into REMEMBER ME necklaces,bracelets,and key chains,each of which contains a tag that was actually worn by one of these lost pets.

Your donation for a necklace,bracelet,or key chain will allow you to carry on the memory of these precious animals. All proceeds will be donated to local spay/neuter initiatives,and will be used to fund the necessary surgeries that will help reduce these numbers.

Together,we can help end the tragedy of pet overpopulation,and turn their loss into a memento of hope,and a means to action.
Suggested donation price:

  • Key Chains:$15
  • Men’s Military Tag Necklace:$15
  • Women’s Charm Bracelet:$25
  • Women’s Ornate Necklace:$30

Special orders are welcome for an additional $5.
Pieces can also be made with the tags from your own pets who have traveled on to the Rainbow Bridge.

Orders can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. for an additional $5.

To place an order: