Our mission is to address the tragic consequences of pet overpopulation by focusing on sterilization,adoption and education.

What’s the big deal on whether or not you spay/neuter your pet?

The following information will explain why the importance of spaying or neutering your pet is an important part of our Mission Statement,and why it should be of the utmost importance to you.

According to Metroplex Animal Coalition statistics,an average of 200,000 healthy,potentially adoptable animals are euthanized in the Dallas Fort Worth area every year due to overpopulation.  That equates to 548 animals EVERY DAY.  An orphaned dog or cat is euthanized every three minutes in the metroplex.  Stop the births and stop the deaths.

The following are resources for local low cost or free spay/neuter assistance:

Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
4830 Village Fair Drive
Dallas,Texas 75244
(214) 372-9999

(214) 349-SNIP (7697)

North Texas Spay Neuter Coalition
1 (877) FIX-SPOT

Feral Friends
(972) 671-0429

Kittico (for cats only)
(214) 826-6903  Ext. 3

Metroplex Animal Coalition
(972) 669-5000